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M/26/5'10 [230 > 186 = 44Lb] Weight Loss Journey in 9 Months

Follow the progress of a Reddit user's journey to lose 44lb in 9 months, and learn about the changes in his lifestyle that made it possible.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'10" male showing a weight loss from 230 pounds to 186 pounds. A respectable loss of 44 pounds.
M/26/5'10 [230 > 186 = 44lb] (9 months) (GW: 160) been feeling pretty down about myself lately but seeing this reminds me how far I've come
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Meet Reddit user asspaint, who recently posted an update on his weight loss progress. From 230 pounds, he's lost 44 pounds in just 9 months; an achievement that's nothing short of impressive. Asspaint might have been feeling down about himself lately, but his progress post shows how far he's come.

A Healthy Diet

Asspaint's progress came from paying attention to the portions he ate. He has always been on the heavier side of life, but he realized that the reason he never lost weight was his lack of control at mealtime. He would cram as much food as he could until he felt uncomfortable. Even healthy meals would become unhealthy just because of how much he ate. He learned to pay attention to the foods that made him feel better physically and swapped all liquid calories with sparkling or plain water. Asspaint hated how sugar made his body feel.

Physical Exercise

Asspaint worked a physically demanding job that gave him enough exercise for eight hours every day. This job disciplined him into not being lazy, and it's amazing how much energy he got every day just from all the physical exercise he was getting from work. If you're someone who hates going to the gym, a physically demanding job can be a great alternative to keep your body moving.

The Progress Motivation

It's easy to be hard on ourselves and fall into a negative headspace when we don't see progress or when our progress slows down. Asspaint's story inspires us to trust the process and the journey. Tracking progress can be a great way to stay motivated and to realize that every small, positive step we take will compound and lead us to success.


Asspaint's story is a remarkable reminder that it's never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. He is still on his journey to reach his goal weight of 160 pounds, but his progress is enough to keep him motivated along the way. If you're someone who's struggling to lose weight or achieve fitness goals, don't lose hope. Start small, pay attention to how your body feels, and keep going.

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