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Weight Loss and Muscle Building Journey of Adamnjh

Read about AdamNJH's weight loss and muscle building journey, including helpful tips and advice from fellow Reddit users.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'0" man showing a snapshot of 186 pounds at a height of 6'0
[BoC] - 18/M/6'0/186lbs want asthetics.
Originally posted on /r/BulkOrCut


AdamNJH, an 18-year-old male standing at 6ft tall, documented his weight loss and muscle building journey on Reddit. He weighed in at 186lbs, seeking advice from the Reddit community in achieving his goals. He received helpful tips and some criticism from fellow users who shared their own experiences.

Weight Loss Goals

Reddit users suggested that AdamNJH should start with cutting to reduce his body fat percentage and make his abs visible. He decided to cut for 4-5 weeks to achieve his abs goal. He received advice on creating a calorie deficit, including eating clean and watching his sugar and carb intake. User [deleted] advised him to bulk afterward to build muscle mass properly.

Diet and Exercise Regimen

AdamNJH disclosed his diet and exercise regimen, which included food items, the number of calories burned in cardio, and lifting weights. Reddit users provided feedback on his diet plan and advised him on potential changes. AdamNJH valued the opinion of the Reddit community, and his determination to reach his goals pushed him to modify his caloric intake and try different exercises.

Progress Report

AdamNJH continued to update the community on his progress, sharing details on his weight loss and muscle building journey. He reported losing weight in his first few weeks and noticing great progress in his abdominal area. He also shared his struggles and obstacles, including moments of indulging in unhealthy food, lack of motivation, and sore muscles.


AdamNJH's Reddit posts serve as an inspiration for those who hope to achieve their fitness goals. His journey showcased that with proper planning and the right attitude, anyone can achieve their desired results. Readers can learn valuable advice from his story, and Reddit users can continue to empower and support each other to reach their respective fitness journeys.

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