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M/19/5'10 [165Lbs > 140 = 25Lbs Lost]: 7 Months of Dedication and a Few Simple Changes

This article follows the weight loss journey of a Reddit user who lost 41lbs in 7 months through a calorie deficit. Tips are given for those struggling with the motivation to workout and tone up.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'4" female showing a weight reduction from 155 pounds to 114 pounds. A respectable loss of 41 pounds.
F/19/5’4 [155lbs > 114 = 41lbs lost] Took about 7 months through a deficit but I just do NOT have the motivation to workout and tone up. Any tips?
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Losing weight can be a long and difficult journey, but one Reddit user has shown that with dedication and a calorie deficit, it is possible. In just 7 months, this F/19/5'4 user lost an impressive 41lbs, going from 155lbs to 114lbs. However, she still struggles with the motivation to workout and tone up, which is a common obstacle for many people who have lost weight.

Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated after reaching a weight loss goal can be challenging, but there are ways to overcome it. Firstly, finding an exercise routine that is enjoyable is important. If a person hates running, they should not force themselves to run. Instead, they should try activities like dancing or hiking. Secondly, doing exercise with friends or family can help motivation, as support and accountability from others can make a big difference. Finally, setting achievable fitness goals and tracking progress can help to maintain motivation.

Importance of Strength Training

While the Reddit user above struggled with motivation to workout and tone up, strength training can play a significant role in creating a toned appearance after weight loss. Doing exercises that target specific muscle groups, like squats and push-ups, can help to build muscle and create definition. Incorporating strength training into a fitness routine can also increase metabolism and overall health.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

The Reddit user who lost 41lbs in 7 months did so through a calorie deficit, meaning she consumed fewer calories than she burned each day. This is a simple principle, but it can be challenging to stick to. However, making small changes can make a big difference. For example, cutting out sugary drinks and snacks, choosing whole foods over processed foods, and monitoring portion sizes can all help create a calorie deficit.


Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but with dedication and small lifestyle changes, it is possible. Finding an enjoyable exercise routine and incorporating strength training can help to create a toned appearance after weight loss. Staying motivated by setting achievable fitness goals and tracking progress is important, and making small changes to create a calorie deficit can lead to big results. If this Reddit user can do it, so can you!

Watch workout motivation videos on YouTube. Or motivation videos in general. Push yourself to workout for the first couple weeks and you’ll form a habit. Even if the workout is short

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