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A 24 Year Old Man's Weight Gain Journey with Bulking

Read about KorinFox's weight gain journey and his experience with bulking to reach his goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'4" man showing a snapshot of 141 pounds at a height of 5'4
A progress pic of a 5'4" man showing a snapshot of 141 pounds at a height of 5'4
A progress pic of a 5'4" man showing a snapshot of 141 pounds at a height of 5'4
Completion: 24 / Male / 5'4" / 141.1 lbs / Bulking
Originally posted on /r/BTFC


KorinFox, a 24-year-old male weighing 141.1 pounds at a height of 5'4", embarked on a weight gain journey, also known as bulking. Through his Reddit post, he shared his goals and experience with the community, garnering 4 upvotes and a few comments from other members on the platform.

Bulking strategy

KorinFox was determined to gain some muscle mass and opted for the bulking strategy. He trained with intensity and followed Chris Jones' advice from his YouTube channel. He committed to bulking for a season and then planned to cut afterwards.


KorinFox shared pictures of his progress, showcasing his results after bulking. Although he missed his completion date, he still achieved his personal goal of gaining muscle mass. His determination and commitment to his strategy paid off, and he saw noticeable changes in his physique.


KorinFox's journey highlights the importance of having a strategy and committing to it. Bulking may not be suitable for everyone and should be approached cautiously. It is essential to train with intensity, follow a healthy diet, and consult with a medical professional before making significant changes to your lifestyle. KorinFox's results may inspire individuals to try out different techniques and find what works best for their body.


KorinFox's weight gain journey is an example of setting goals, committing to a strategy, and achieving the desired result. His experience with bulking highlights the importance of patience, dedication, and hard work. His journey serves as inspiration for anyone looking to embark on a similar path, encouraging them to be mindful of their approach and seek advice from professionals.

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