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M/25/5'9'' – This Man's 19 Month Weight Loss Journey From 298Lbs to 167Lbs

Read about his successful weight loss journey through diet and exercise, and his tips on how to maintain consistency with changes week by week.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'9" man showing a fat loss from 298 pounds to 167 pounds. A total loss of 131 pounds.
M/25/5'9" [298lbs > 167lbs = 131lbs] (19 months)
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Consistency is key

The reddit user BGknoccoutCPT shared an incredible weight loss journey, showing a 131lbs loss in 19 months. His key to success? Staying consistent with his diet and exercise routine, making small changes week by week, and always evaluating whether the changes were positive or not. This led him to successfully lose weight and maintain his progress.

Starting slow

When he started, he admits to being in bad condition and not being keen on going to the gym. Instead of getting a gym membership, he started with a set of adjustable dumbbells and a pull-up bar and worked out from home. This helped him built the foundation needed to add going to the gym once a week, while still working out at home. He added intense calisthenics and resistance training to his routine and made changes to his diet to make it healthier.

Changes to his diet

At first, his diet consisted mostly of dried meats, white bread, biscuits, sweets and unhealthy food choices. This diet was causing all sorts of health issues, so he made a drastic change and went vegan and gluten-free. Gluten-free was because pasta and bread were the most upsetting to his stomach and made him feel sluggish. This change in diet helped restore his health and removed any problems he had with undigested food, allowing him to maintain a healthy weight.

No need for cardio

One important not to be taken from BGknoccoutCPT's experience is that he focused more on intense calisthenics and resistance training. Even though he occasionally did a 15min warm up on the elliptical, bike or rowing machine, he didn't do any serious cardio. He was afraid of losing muscle mass and developing loose skin, given that he was already losing weight at a very rapid pace.

Don't overthink it

When asked for advice, he stresses the importance of focusing on a healthy diet and exercise routine without overthinking it: diet + exercise = results. His rapid progress is inspiring, and it shows that small changes week by week can lead to big changes over time. While each person's journey is different, his story emphasizes how consistency, patience, and a willingness to make changes can lead to long-lasting and successful weight loss.

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