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Beebeeka's Weight Loss Journey From 177 to 139 Lbs

Read about Beebeeka's weight loss journey from 177 to 139 lbs as she shares her SV and NSV accomplishments at the age of 29.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'0" woman showing a weight cut from 177 pounds to 155 pounds. A net loss of 22 pounds.
[SV] [NSV] F/29/5' 177>155>139
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Beebeeka, a 29-year old female, has shared her triumph of losing 38 pounds in a Reddit post. She shares her accomplishment in two areas - scale victory (SV) and non-scale victory (NSV). Beebeeka's weight loss journey offers inspiration and guidance to people seeking to achieve similar results.

SV Achievement

With determination and a disciplined diet plan, Beebeeka was able to lose 38 pounds in six months. She went from 177 pounds to 139 pounds, which is a significant weight loss of 21% of her initial body weight. Beebeeka achieved her goal of losing weight through a calorie-deficit diet, where she ate nutrient-dense food which was low in calories. She meticulously tracked her calorie intake using a tracking app, which helped her reach the target.

NSV Accomplishment

Beebeeka's weight loss journey is not just about achieving her target weight on the scale. She has also made significant progress in her overall fitness level. By adopting a regular exercise routine, Beebeeka was able to improve her physical health and endurance. She opted for cycling, which was not only fun but also an excellent exercise to burn calories. Beebeeka also shares how she had more energy and felt more confident after losing weight.

Tips and Suggestions

Beebeeka's weight loss journey offers helpful tips for people who are trying to lose weight. Firstly, she advises people to set realistic goals that they can achieve with discipline and determination. Secondly, she suggests keeping a food journal or using a tracking app to monitor calorie intake. Finally, she recommends finding an activity or exercise that is enjoyable and sustainable for the long-term.


Beebeeka's weight loss journey demonstrates the importance of having a disciplined approach towards achieving long-term goals. By adopting a calorie-deficit diet and regular exercise routine, with realistic goals, she was able to lose 38 pounds in six months. Her progress not only shows on the scale but also in her overall fitness level. Beebeeka's weight loss journey is an inspiration and a reminder that with discipline, determination, and consistency, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.

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