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A Reddit User's Weight Journey: 300Lbs to 198Lbs

Read one person's story of how they lost 102lbs in 16 months through work, better eating, and going to the gym.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'3" male showing a weight reduction from 300 pounds to 198 pounds. A respectable loss of 102 pounds.
(M/22/6'3") 300 > 198 = 102. Last year I put on my dads jacket from when he was 17 to illustrate how tiny my dad was. A couple days ago I put the same jacket on to illustrate how small I am now. My dad is only 5'6" so the jacket still doesn't fit, but look at that difference.
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One Reddit user's recent post detailed their impressive 102lb weight loss journey.

The Journey

The Reddit user, ominousty, started their weight loss journey 16 months ago weighing 300lbs at age 22 and standing 6 feet 3 inches. In a recent post, ominousty described the moment when they put on their dad's jacket, much too small for themselves before their weight loss, and saw the incredible difference with ease. They attributed some of this progress to their physical job, which turned out to be more difficult than they anticipated, and then a healthier diet and a regular gym routine to solidify the progress.

The Changes

As seen in the post's included images, the difference is clearly visible. Ominousity's weight loss is especially visible in their face, and taking a look at the impressive before and after photos on their Reddit account tells the full story. Much work was put in over the past 16 months and the results are staggering: they have gone from 300lbs to 198lbs, a loss of 102lbs in total.

The Comments

Numerous comments on the Reddit post applaud the impressive weight loss, asking for specifics and offering congratulations to ominousty. Although they ultimately attribute some of their progress to their work's physical nature, the regimen is what ultimately led to the loss of over 100 pounds. Every person's weight loss journey is different, but through hard work and perseverance, goals can definitely be reached.


This Reddit user's inspiring story shows how hard work can lead to great results both in weight loss and overall health. By starting with a physical job, healthier eating, and a regular exercise routine, ominousty was able to lose 102lbs in just 16 months. Although everyone's journey will be different, it's important to remember that change is possible through dedication and perseverance.

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