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Transformative Weight Loss Journey From F/30/5'2" [165 Lbs >125 Lbs]

Aliciamay's weight loss journey from 165 lbs to 125 lbs, post baby, with just workout videos and mindful eating habits.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'2" female showing a weight loss from 165 pounds to 125 pounds. A total loss of 40 pounds.
F/30/5'2" [165 lbs >125 lbs] 2 years progress. After my 3rd and last baby.
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Many of us are trying to lose weight and get healthier, but it can be challenging, especially for moms. AliciaMay is a Reddit user who, after having her third baby, managed to lose 40 lbs and gain muscle in just two years.

Her story

AliciaMay and her husband did not count calories but started by being mindful of what they eat. They cut back on sugary snacks and started adding more veggies to their diet. After four months, they added HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to their daily workout routine, doing it six days a week. They also started doing weights three to four days a week. And they did everything in their living room, with the two younger ones weaving in and out between them. AliciaMay managed to lose weight and get muscles by merely following a basic workout routine and making healthy food choices.

Her tips

AliciaMay suggests starting with small changes, such as eating smaller portions, cutting back on sugar, and adding more veggies to your diet. She also recommends trying out new tastes and textures and working out with what you have. AliciaMay, for instance, used workout videos to do their HIIT training, and it worked. While working out, if you need to take a break, go for it, and then get back to the workout routine once you're ready--no biggie! She also advises moms not to be discouraged by the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy and to be kind to themselves. Following a rigid diet or tracking calories may not always work for everyone. Making simple yet healthy food choices and choosing an exercise routine you enjoy can be your path to a healthier you.


AliciaMay reminds us that losing weight and getting healthy is not a race. It's okay to take it slow and steady, to work out in your living room, and to make healthy food choices. Her transformational weight loss story is encouraging and serves as an inspiration to anyone who wants to lose weight and get healthier. Remember, there is no big secret--just keep it simple, and consistency is the key. Try things out for yourself and see what works for you. We all have to start somewhere to become the healthiest version of ourselves.

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