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M/20/6'1" (260 205) Feb. 2014 Oct. 2014: a Life Changing Weight Loss Journey

Read how Macbeezle managed to lose 60lbs in a little over three months and turn his life around.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'1" man showing a weight cut from 260 pounds to 205 pounds. A respectable loss of 55 pounds.
M/20/6'1" (260 - 205) Feb. 2014 - Oct. 2014 My weight loss turned my life around, I've never been happier! Details inside.
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Macbeezle had been an athlete his whole life, but his life took a different turn after months of depression. He found his weight spiraling out of control and went up to 260lbs.

The Journey

Macbeezle began his journey in February 2014 at 260lbs. By October of the same year, he was able to shed off 60lbs, reaching his lowest weight of 195lbs. He took pictures of himself throughout the journey to monitor the progress, and he continued to work hard to become better.

The Techniques

Macbeezle did not go to the gym since April due to his circumstances but had his own home gym consisting of an 8 lb medicine ball, a pull-up bar, 10 15 20 30 and 40 lb weights, resistance bands, and a TRX set, which he used to achieve the transformation. In addition, he bought whey protein and increased the amount of food he was eating and concentrated on muscle growth.

The Takeaway

Macbeezle's journey shows that determination and hard work are essential in achieving weight loss goals. By monitoring his progress and pushing himself every day, he was able to lose 60lbs and develop a plan for the future. His goal is to enter a strength and conditioning program and become a fitness trainer/strength coach.

The Result

Macbeezle's journey is a perfect reminder that no matter where you are or what tools you have, you can still achieve your goals. By pushing himself daily and staying focused, he was able to make it happen. He also managed to use his pictures and words to inspire others on his Reddit post. Readers are encouraged to try things out for themselves and never give up.

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