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M/40/6'2 [428Lbs > 228Lbs = 200Lbs] Weight Loss Journey: Reddit User’s Experience

Read about a Reddit user’s weight loss journey of 200 pounds using walking and proper diet - scientific article with no urging to sign up.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'2" male showing a weight reduction from 428 pounds to 228 pounds. A net loss of 200 pounds.
M/40/6'2" [428lbs > 228lbs = 200lbs] from October 2021 to June 2022. Drastically improved diet and walked 20,000 steps daily.
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Weight loss stories are inspiring and motivate others to take the journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. A Reddit user, OblivionUndulant, shared their incredible experience, losing 200 pounds in nine months through a combination of drastically improving their diet and walking 20k steps daily. This article aims to provide a scientific perspective of their method for weight loss and their journey towards a healthier lifestyle, without urging readers to visit their Reddit post.

The Diet

OblivionUndulant shared that they did not follow any special or fad diets, nor did they undergo any surgical procedures to lose weight. Instead, they took the conscientious step of cutting calorie-dense foods such as bread, pasta, and sweets from their diet. They consumed mostly grilled chicken breasts and vegetables, and did not eat anything with added sugar. Their diet choice, although simple in nature, allowed them to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. The key was calorie deficit. They had fewer calories than the body required for weight maintenance, which made the body burn more calories than consumed and promoted weight loss.

The Exercise

OblivionUndulant’s weight loss journey involved walking, and lots of it. They gradually increased their walking time from around 20 minutes daily to an all-day affair. They took every opportunity to walk, whether it be around the office, at home, or on scheduled walks at 6am and in the evenings. They did not go to the gym or do any high-intensity interval training; they simply walked at a steady, slow pace. Their daily goal of 20k steps allowed them to burn a significant amount of calories and speed up their weight loss journey. Slow steps and consistent progress allowed their body to get used to moving more every day and less sitting in front of the TV screens.

The Results

Throughout nine months, OblivionUndulant lost 200 pounds, going from 428lbs to 228lbs. The weight loss journey became a lifestyle change, and they were not only feeling better but were also more genuinely happy. Notably, OblivionUndulant’s experience was not about seeing how much they could push their body or how fast they could lose weight. It was all about making small and consistent positive choices that would benefit their overall health and wellbeing. The weight loss journey was not a quick fix, but instead a long-term, sustainable approach to achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle.


OblivionUndulant's weight loss journey was a testament to the importance of simple and sustainable lifestyle changes. They were determined to achieve their goal, and they did it by making small, positive choices consistently. By cutting down on processed food and increasing their physical activity, they were able to lose weight sustainably and healthy. Ultimately, anyone can take inspiration from their journey and achieve their own goals with the right mindset and consistent effort.

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