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How Snarkybidoof Lost 92Lbs in 3 Years a Weight Loss Journey

Read about snarkyBidoof's inspiring weight loss journey of losing 92lbs in 3 years, with a goal of losing around 25lbs more. Follow these tips to try it for yourself!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'7" woman showing a fat loss from 248 pounds to 156 pounds. A total loss of 92 pounds.
F/25/5'7" [248lbs > 156lbs = 92lbs] (3 years) About 25lbs to go, but I'm finally ready to update my progress!
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Losing weight can be a long and difficult journey, but snarkyBidoof's weight loss journey is a testament to how with discipline and commitment one can make significant progress for long-term success.

Starting out

SnarkyBidoof began her weight loss journey weighing 248lbs and knew it was time for a change. She started by making small adjustments to her diet like limiting her calorie intake and reducing processed foods. SnarkyBidoof also began to exercise more regularly, starting with walking and eventually incorporating strength training.

Sticking to a routine

One key factor to snarkyBidoof's success was her ability to stick to a routine. She made a consistent effort to track her progress and hold herself accountable, even on challenging days. SnarkyBidoof found motivation by focusing on her overall goal and celebrating small successes along the way.

Maintaining weight loss

SnarkyBidoof's journey taught her that maintaining a healthy weight requires a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. She continues to prioritize healthy eating habits and exercise, even when life is busy. SnarkyBidoof also emphasized the importance of finding an exercise routine that is enjoyable and sustainable.


SnarkyBidoof's weight loss journey serves as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. By taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle and committing to a routine, significant progress can be made. Remember to celebrate small successes and stay motivated by focusing on the bigger picture!

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