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F/26/5'4" [189Lbs > 151Lb = 38Lb] Weight Loss Journey Learn From Virgoveggies

Follow VirgoVeggies' weight loss journey from 189lb to 151lb and get inspired to start your own. No gimmicks, just hard work and dedication.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'4" woman showing a weight cut from 189 pounds to 151 pounds. A respectable loss of 38 pounds.
F/26/5’4” [189lbs > 151lb = -38lb] weight loss journey and fifteen more to go!
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Weight loss journeys can be tricky endeavors, with a lot of ups and downs along the way. Reddit user VirgoVeggies, a 26-year-old female who stands at 5'4'' tall, knows this all too well. With hard work and dedication, she has managed to shed an impressive 38 pounds off her starting weight of 189lb.

The Journey So Far

VirgoVeggies has been diligent in her weight loss journey, relying on consuming healthy, whole foods and limiting processed snacks and treats. With a consistent exercise routine of weight lifting and cardio, VirgoVeggies has transformed her body and health. The journey has not been without its setbacks, as she admits to experiencing a few plateaus.

The Importance of Dedication & Hard Work

VirgoVeggies' journey is a prime example of dedication and hard work. She has managed to lose significant weight without relying on quick-fix weight loss fads. Her progress has been gradual but steady, and it is this type of mindset that can lead to long-lasting, sustainable weight loss. VirgoVeggies is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication can pay off in the long run.

The Future & Inspiration

VirgoVeggies has mentioned that she would like to shed fifteen more pounds to reach her target weight of 136lb, but she acknowledges that the journey will not be easy. Her journey so far is a great source of inspiration for those who are starting out on their own weight loss journeys, and serves as a reminder that any progress, big or small, is still progress.


VirgoVeggies' weight loss journey is one that is relatable and inspiring. It shows that with hard work, dedication, a consistent routine, and proper eating habits, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals. Though setbacks are inevitable, they should not deter you from your ultimate goal. So, if you're looking to embark on a weight loss journey, take a cue from VirgoVeggies and start today.

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