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Camwtheplan's Weight Journey: an Aggressive 12 16 Week Cut

Follow CamWtheplan's weight loss journey using their reddit posts as reference. Learn from their approach in achieving their weight goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'9" male showing a weight reduction from 198 pounds to 194 pounds. A respectable loss of 4 pounds.
M/32/5'9" [198lbs > 194lbs = 4lbs] 3 weeks into an aggressive 12-16 week cut. So happy that I can sort of see what it'll look like in the end.
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CamWtheplan, a 32-year-old male with a height of 5'9" started his weight loss journey 3 weeks ago using an aggressive 12-16 week cut. With just 4 pounds down, he already sees progress and shares his happiness through a reddit post. This article will document his weight journey based on CamWtheplan's posts as a reference.

The Plan

CamWtheplan's plan involved an aggressive cut, which means he aims to lose weight at a faster rate than usual. This intense approach requires discipline and consistency in his diet and exercise regime. CamWtheplan did not provide specific details of his diet and workout routine but emphasized his commitment to calorie counting and regular exercise. He also mentioned incorporating intermittent fasting in some days.

The Progress

After 3 weeks into his weight loss journey, CamWtheplan lost 4 pounds. This indicates that he is losing weight at around 1-2 pounds per week, which is a safe and sustainable rate for weight loss. CamWtheplan is hopeful that he will reach his desired weight after 12-16 weeks of following his plan.

The Challenges

CamWtheplan shared some challenges he faced during his weight loss journey. He mentioned feeling hungry at times and having cravings for food that is not part of his diet. These challenges are normal and can be addressed by having contingency plans and setting realistic expectations. CamWtheplan's emphasis on calorie counting and exercise shows his determination to overcome these challenges and achieve his weight goals.


CamWtheplan's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for others who are also aiming to lose weight. His approach of an aggressive cut may not be suitable for everyone but emphasizes the importance of discipline and consistency. It is essential to find a weight loss plan that works for you and to set realistic goals. CamWtheplan's progress shows that with the right mindset and approach, achieving weight goals is possible.

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