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M28 5'11 330 194: Inspiring Weight Loss Journey on Reddit

Discover how one Reddit user managed to lose 136 pounds in 10 months by watching their diet and following the Starting Strength workout plan. Read on for valuable insights into his journey and how you can apply them to your weight loss goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a fat loss from 330 pounds to 194 pounds. A respectable loss of 136 pounds.
M 28 5'11 (330-194) progress pics
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Losing weight takes effort and perseverance, but this incredible story on Reddit shows that it can be done. One user, DarkAvenger20xx, went from 330 to 194 pounds in just under a year. This inspiring story shows what can be achieved with dedication and focus.

The Starting Point

DarkAvenger20xx was roughly 136 pounds overweight when he started his journey. His post on Reddit included progress pictures that showed a striking before-and-after comparison, highlighting the amazing transformation he went through.

The Plan

The key to DarkAvenger20xx's success was twofold: he started by watching what he ate while also following the Starting Strength workout plan, a popular strength training program used by many weightlifters. He noted that he stuck to basic lifts that heavily involved core strength, and continued going to the gym three times a week to make progress.

Results and Lessons Learned

DarkAvenger20xx's post inspired a flood of comments and well-wishers. Many curious readers had questions about his diet and exercise regimen, and he generously shared his experiences with others. Some even asked for tips on common difficulties such as struggling with stretch marks or feeling like progress was too slow. Ultimately, DarkAvenger20xx succeeded through a combination of healthy habits and consistent effort. Readers can take inspiration from this story and apply it to their own goals.


DarkAvenger20xx's story is a testament to the power of determination and hard work in achieving a healthier, happier life. While everyone's weight loss journey is different, this story showcases key learnings that everyone can benefit from: watching what we eat, staying active, and sticking to a plan that works for us. Try out some new dietary or fitness techniques yourself and join DarkAvenger20xx in his resounding success!

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