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Success Story of a Reddit User with Intermittent Fasting

Discover the inspiring story of Macncheesesounds, who lost 10 pounds in three months with IF and weekly exercise, and learn how you can benefit from it.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'7" female showing a weight loss from 144 pounds to 134 pounds. A net loss of 10 pounds.
F/26/5’7” [144lbs > 134 lbs = 10lbs] Three months of IF + weekly exercise. Nervous to post but have been inspired seeing everyone else put themselves out there. Little progress is something!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Macncheesesounds’ Journey to Health and Fitness

Macncheesesounds is a 26-year-old female who stands 5’7”. In a reddit post, the user revealed that she had been able to shed 10 lbs in three months through a combination of intermittent fasting (IF) and weekly exercise in Orange Theory and jogging 3-4 times a week. This post immediately went viral, garnering 723 upvotes and over a dozen comments commending the user for her dedication and progress.

Non-Scale Victories after Starting IF

Macncheesesounds shared that one of the best things she experienced in the last few months of IF was the absence of a bloated feeling in the morning. Before, the user used to snack late at night, and in turn, get bloated and uncomfortable the next day. However, ever since starting IF, that bloat went away completely. Additionally, the user used to snack in the middle of the night and have been doing it as a habit since high school. Since starting IF, Macncheesesounds has never snacked in the middle of the night – a non-scale victory that she's more than happy about.

Little Progress is Still Progress

Although Macncheesesounds was hesitant to post her progress picture, the user still felt inspired to share her little progress to inspire others. She's been noticing non-scale victories, but taking pictures consistently has helped her look back and see a little bit of difference in her actual body. The user commended other redditors for putting themselves out there and inspiring others.

Intermittent Fasting and Exercise

The user shared that IF has been the only way she's been able to control her eating and not feel too restricted. Macncheesesounds usually fasts every day, 16:8 at the least, and 20:4 on weekends. Additionally, the user has been doing a combination of Orange Theory and jogging 3-4 times a week. Macncheesesounds feels more motivated with Orange Theory because her coaches are friendly and give her clear directions.

Tips for a Healthier You

Macncheesesounds' inspiring journey to health and fitness shows that little progress is still progress, and that small changes can have a big impact. Whether it's intermittent fasting or a combination of exercise and healthier habits, everyone has their own approach to achieving their health and fitness goals. It's important to be kind to yourself throughout the process and to make changes that you're able to commit to. You don't have to go through the process alone – you can make use of supportive communities both online or offline. Start small, give yourself time to become accustomed to the changes you’re making, and watch how far you can go!

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