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From Insecure to Confident: a Journey to Losing 19Lbs and Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder

Follow a Reddit user's inspiring weight journey of healthy eating and exercises to overcome binge eating disorder.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'6" female showing a weight loss from 153 pounds to 134 pounds. A net loss of 19 pounds.
F/20/5’6 [153>134=19 lbs] I was very insecure in the first picture and struggled with binge eating disorder. Now, I am less restrictive on myself and rarely have any urges. You got this!
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Reddit user look4tmenow documented her impressive weight journey on the platform. She not only shed off 19 lbs, but also overcame binge eating disorder thanks to a better focus on her health.

The Struggle with Binge Eating Disorder

The first picture showed look4tmenow's insecurity when she weighed around 153lbs. It was not until she realized she had binge eating disorder and took her health seriously that she could start making significant progress. By being less restrictive on herself and switching up her diet and exercise routines, she can proudly say she rarely has any urges now.

Diet and Nutrition

look4tmenow focused primarily on proper nutrition to make progress with her weight loss journey. She enjoyed eating healthier and recognized the benefits it had on her overall health. She did not follow a specific diet but made sure to consistently eat nutrient-rich foods and avoid overly processed ones.

Exercise and Fitness

Running was her primary form of exercise. She incorporated some sprints for their fast twitch muscle activation benefits. Squats were not a major part of her routine, but she did work on a well-rounded fitness regime to build and tone her physique.

Takeaway Message

Everyone's journey is different, and what worked for look4womenow may not work for everyone. But the main takeaway is that by taking her health seriously, making healthy choices, and finding exercises that she enjoyed, she was able to overcome binge eating disorder and achieve her fitness goals. If you're struggling with binge eating disorder or any other similar conditions, consult a professional for support and guidance.

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