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Progress Picture

Progress Picture

What is a Progress Picture?

A progress picture is a photograph taken of yourself, typically at the beginning of a fitness or weight loss journey, and then subsequently at regular intervals to track your progress. Progress pictures can be taken in a full body format or a specific body part, such as your waist or arms. They help you to visually see the changes in your body over time which can be a great motivator to keep going.

Why is it important?

Progress pictures are important because they provide a tangible record of the changes happening in your body. Often, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, it can be hard to see progress, especially if it's slow. However, progress pictures show us exactly how far we have come and can give us the motivation to continue working towards our goals. They also allow us to look back at our progress and be proud of what we have accomplished.

How to take a Progress Picture

To take a progress picture, stand in front of a plain background and make sure the lighting is consistent. Wear the same or similar clothes in each photograph and take it at the same angle each time. It's also important to take the picture at consistent intervals, such as once a month or every six weeks. Take both front and side photos, and any other angles you want to see your progress from.


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