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A Journey From 300Lbs to Onederland: Reddit User's 100Lbs Weight Loss Story

A Reddit user's two-year journey of losing 100lbs goes viral. The post explains details of his diet, exercise, and how he came a long way.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'11" man showing a weight cut from 300 pounds to 199 pounds. A net loss of 101 pounds.
M/28/5'11"[300lbs> 199lbs = 101 pounds] (February 20 - January 22 almost 2 years) long two years of ups and downs but I've finally joined the 100 pound weight loss club and stepped into onederland!!!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Setting the Goal

The Reddit user, duelblade77, finally achieved the 100lbs weight loss goal he set almost two years ago. Weighing 300lbs back then, he went through a lot of ups and downs in his journey. And as he lost another pound, a post about his 100lbs weight loss story went viral, inspiring many more.

Diet & Exercise

According to his Reddit post, he turned his life around with daily walking, strength training, and bouldering. He started with full-body strength training three days a week then a four day Up-Lower split. He took a break during spring weighing 250lb in May but got back to the gym for a 3 day full body during summer. He then started climbing at his local climbing gym. He also managed his calorie intake in MyFitnessPal and ate mostly fruit, veggies, and complex carbs.

Going Slow

For someone who lost more than 100lbs, duelblade77 did not have much loose skin, which he attributed to going slow. Instead of cutting calories and exercising too much too fast, he gradually decreased his calorie intake and eventually increased his physical activities.

Welcome to Onederland

After years of wandering in the 200s and 300s, duelblade77 finally stepped into Onederland. As he weighed in at 199lbs, he finally achieved his biggest milestone, the goal he set his mind to almost two years ago.

Inspiring Success Story

Duelblade77's 100lbs weight loss story went viral and inspired many, citing his use of MyFitnessPal and food scale, his slow and steady approach, and his mix of strength training, walking, and bouldering. His story proves that anyone can make a change, and it's never too late to start.

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