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Amazing Weight Loss Journey: From 468Lbs to 236Lbs in 2 Years

Read about the inspiring journey of Tiredofguessingname1 as he successfully loses 232lbs through a high-protein diet, cardio, and strength training.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'0" man showing a weight cut from 468 pounds to 236 pounds. A total loss of 232 pounds.
M/40/6’0” [468lbs > 236lbs = 232lbs] (2 years) There are some amazing people on this sub!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Tiredofguessingname1, a 40-year-old Reddit user, has shared his amazing weight loss journey from weighing 468lbs to 236lbs in two years in a post on Reddit. Tiredofguessingname1 has relied on a high-protein diet, cardio, and strength training to achieve his impressive results.


Tiredofguessingname1's weight loss journey is attributed to his adherence to a high-protein diet, which he complemented with regular cardio and strength training. Initially, Tiredofguessingname1 did cardio before strength training, but he switched to a strength training-session-first routine later.


Two years of Tiredofguessingname1's weight loss journey have seen a considerable reduction of 232lbs. His weight loss journey, which involved proper dieting and regular exercise, is an inspiring example of how one can improve their health and overall wellbeing. Tiredofguessingname1's post has attracted over 1513 upvotes and dozens of positive comments from Reddit users.


Tiredofguessingname1's weight loss journey is commendable and can serve as an encouragement to anyone looking to lose weight. Through his experience, Tiredofguessingname1 highlights the need to monitor the food we eat until we develop an awareness of what we're consuming. Regular exercise and high-protein intake can also help anybody achieve physical wellness in line with their fitness goals.


Tiredofguessingname1's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration not only to those looking to lose weight but also those looking to make lifestyle changes. By taking up a high-protein diet and regular exercise, one can achieve wellness and improve their overall health. Through Tiredofguessingname1's experience, we learn that weight loss journeys take time, discipline, and a positive attitude.

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