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Overcoming Obstacles: Reddit User Loses 36 Pounds in 4 Months

This Reddit user shared their weight loss success story, losing 36 pounds in 4 months through healthier habits and regular exercise. Learn about their journey and how they overcame obstacles along the way.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'6" female showing a weight loss from 216 pounds to 180 pounds. A respectable loss of 36 pounds.
F/28/5'6"[216lbs>180lbs=36lbs](About 4 months) Not a huge difference but super proud of sticking to it this time. NSFW
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

A Healthier Lifestyle

The Reddit user known as pomeranium shared their weight loss progress, losing 36 pounds in just 4 months. They attribute their success to a combination of regular exercise and healthier eating habits. Specifically, they cut back on soda, fast food, and snacking.

Obstacles Along the Way

While the user experienced noticeable progress, they were initially hesitant to acknowledge their accomplishments, stating that they 'sometimes' believed they saw progress when it wasn't there. However, Reddit users were quick to encourage them and identify the changes in their physique.

Staying Motivated

Despite occasional doubts, pomeranium pitched in four to five days out of the week to hit the gym. A key source of motivation for them came from watching their body change and gain strength. Additionally, they stuck with their weight loss journey by setting achievable goals and regularly tracking their progress.

Success Encourages Others

The Reddit user's journey serves as a source of motivation for others looking to lose weight. Fellow users were quick to offer congratulations and share their own successes. One user even offered advice to the person that every pound lost is a significant accomplishment that should be celebrated.

Lessons Learned

In summary, the Reddit user's experience proves that small changes, like reducing soda intake and committing to regular exercise, can lead to significant progress. They serve as an inspiration to anyone looking to make healthier choices and persevere through obstacles to reach their goals.

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