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20 Year Old's Weight Loss Journey: From 140 Lbs to Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Follow a 20-year-old's journey in achieving an ideal body fat percentage with no extreme dieting or exercise.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'7" male showing a snapshot of 140 pounds at a height of 5'7
Body fat estimate 20/M/5'7 140lbs
Originally posted on /r/keto


In a Reddit post, a 20-year-old shared his body transformation journey. Starting at 140 lbs, he tracked his progress to reach a healthy body fat percentage. This article will summarize his journey and highlight key lessons that can help others reach their weight goals.

Tracking and Analysis

The user began by tracking his calorie intake and monitoring his weight daily. He also estimated his body fat percentage using an online calculator. By analyzing his trends, he noticed a consistent decrease in his body fat percentage over time leading him closer to his goal.

No Extreme Diet or Exercise

Despite what is often promoted online, the user refrained from extreme dieting or exercise, focusing instead on small lifestyle changes. He made small adjustments to his diet, such as limiting fast food and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and incorporated a weekly workout routine that included yoga and jogging.

Patience and Persistence

The journey was not without challenges, and there were times when the user felt discouraged. However, he persisted, and over time, he saw the results of his hard work. His advice to others is to be patient, as progress takes time, and to persist through setbacks, as they will happen.


The 20-year-old's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to achieve a healthy body fat percentage. By tracking progress, making small lifestyle changes, and practicing patience and persistence, anyone can achieve their weight goals. Remember that each person's journey is unique and to take the time to find the right methods that work for you.

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