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20 Year Old's 17 Lbs Lost Journey to a Healthier and More Sustainable Weight

Read about a Reddit user's second successful weight loss journey that led to a healthier and more sustainable approach, with comments congratulating her progress.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'10" female showing a weight loss from 176 pounds to 160 pounds. A net loss of 16 pounds.
20/F/5'10". 176 --> 160 = 17 lbs lost. Sorry for the bad quality before pics, wasn't really into full body shots at the time. 2nd weightloss round for me, this time in a healthier, more sustainable way.
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BonnBon, a 20-year-old Reddit user, shares her 17-pound weight loss journey from 176 to 160 pounds that led to a healthier and more sustainable approach in losing her extra weight. She admits that it was her second time trying to lose weight after a challenging time in her life losing both of her grandmothers and ending her relationship.

A Sustainable Approach

BonnBon learned from her previous experience with the Keto diet and noticed that restricting herself from eating certain foods was difficult to sustain. So, this time, instead of strictly counting her calories or following a specific diet, she decided to eat less, limit her intake of processed and unhealthy foods, and only indulge in them when she really craved them. This method proved to be more successful and sustainable for her weight loss journey.

A Regular Workout Routine

Aside from a healthier approach to eating, BonnBon also incorporated a regular workout routine to her daily routine. She mentioned that before, she “didn't do shit” but now she works out regularly, which she believes helped with her weight loss progress.

Commendable Progress

The Reddit thread is filled with congratulatory comments, with one commenter stating that BonnBon looks amazingly fit now despite only losing 17 pounds. One commenter even mentioned that seeing her better herself after a difficult time would have made her grandmother proud. Despite going through a hard time in her life, BonnBon stayed committed to her goal of losing weight and achieved commendable results.


BonnBon's 17-pound weight loss journey is a great example of how a sustainable approach to weight loss can lead to success. Rather than restricting herself from certain foods, she chose to eat less and limit processed foods, making it a more sustainable lifestyle change. Her incorporation of regular workouts also helped with her weight loss progress. If you are trying to lose weight, it is essential to find a method that suits your lifestyle and is sustainable in the long run. BonnBon's story should serve as inspiration to those who are trying to achieve their weight loss goals.

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