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8 Year Weight Journey: +10Lbs, More Exercise and Better Nutrition

Follow the progress of a Reddit user's weight journey over the course of 8 years. Learn about simple changes in exercise and nutrition that helped the user gain weight.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'11" male showing a weight gain from 160 pounds to 175 pounds. A respectable gain of 15 pounds.
A picture of a 5'11" male showing a weight gain from 160 pounds to 175 pounds. A respectable gain of 15 pounds.
M/34/5'11 [160lbs > 175lbs > 170lbs = +10lbs] (97 months or just over 8 years) Nothing dramatic. Less hair, more exercise, better nutrition.
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A Reddit user, known as computersyentologist, has shared his 8-year weight journey. Over time, he gained weight from 160lbs to 175lbs, then dropped to 170lbs, gaining a total of 10lbs. The user notes that the changes in his life that led to this weight gain were nothing dramatic, but rather simple adjustments in his exercise and nutrition habits.

The Impact of Exercise

The user credits his weight gain to his increased physical activity. As a result of more exercise, he built muscle and gained weight. The user's inclusion of exercise in his daily routine was gradual, starting with just a few push-ups each day and progressing to a regular routine at the gym. With discipline and consistency, the user was able to make significant progress.

The Role of Nutrition

In addition to exercise, the user made changes to his diet to support his weight gain. He emphasizes consuming foods that are high in protein, such as chicken and eggs. Additionally, he cut out processed and fast food from his diet, and instead focused on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods. The user credits high protein intake and a whole foods diet as essential to his weight gain success.

Staying Consistent Over Time

One of the most impressive takeaways from computersyentologist's journey is his consistency over time. The user made steady efforts over 8 years, and his transformation was not immediate but rather gradual. It was his continued discipline and dedication to a routine that ultimately led to his weight gain. The user shares that the journey was made easier by tracking progress and focusing on small, sustainable goals rather than drastic changes.


In conclusion, computersyentologist's weight journey over 8 years demonstrates the power of consistent, sustainable changes in diet and exercise. By slowly incorporating more exercise and nutrient-dense foods into his routine, he was able to gain weight and build muscle over time. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and balance, and encourages others to try things out for themselves to find what works best on their own journey.

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