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M/40/6'0", Slow and Steady Weight Loss: How a Reddit User Lost 25Lbs over 45 Months

Follow the journey of Reddit user hikercouple56 from 200lbs to 175lbs, through consistent healthy eating and exercise habits.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'0" male showing a weight reduction from 200 pounds to 175 pounds. A respectable loss of 25 pounds.
M/40/6'0" [200lbs > 175lbs = 25lbs] (45 months) Slow and steady progress but seeing this time-lapse photo keeps me motivated.
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Losing weight can be a challenging process, especially when trying to maintain weight loss over an extended period. For Reddit user hikercouple56, this weight loss journey has been slow and steady, with a loss of 25lbs over 45 months. Each small victory was worth it and served as a source of motivation to stay on track.

Keeping Consistency

One of the keys to weight loss success is consistency. Even during busy work schedules, hikercouple56 consistently monitored what he ate and took care to exercise regularly, even if it was just once a week, to ensure he was staying on track. His dedication helped to ensure that these healthy habits became a long-term lifestyle change.

Healthy Eating Habits

For hikercouple56, a significant component of his weight loss journey has been conscious eating habits. His diet consists of healthy, whole foods with portion control, ensuring he consumed fewer calories than he burned. This healthy habit did not involve a strict diet, but simple choices that he incorporated into his lifestyle changes over the years.

Workouts and Exercise

Maintaining a workout routine was also a critical aspect of hikercouple56's weight loss journey. Even during busy weeks, he performed workouts either once or up to five times a week. The consistent physical activity helped maintain muscle mass and allowed him to burn excess calories. It also aided his mental health and physical stamina, allowing him to feel more energy and less stress during work and life.


Hikercouple56's weight loss journey from 200lbs to 175lbs over 45 months, though slow, demonstrates the importance of healthy, lifestyle habits. Consistent exercise, healthy food choices, and a positive attitude are critical elements in any weight loss journey. It is an excellent example of how you do not need any quick weight loss solutions, but simple efforts accumulating over time to achieve your desired weight goals. That same mentality will allow us and others to progress towards our paths and journey.

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