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A 50Lb Weight Loss Journey: M/19/5'10 [273>223]

Read about nrod12's weight loss journey and learn the science behind their success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'10" male showing a weight reduction from 273 pounds to 223 pounds. A respectable loss of 50 pounds.
M/19/5'10 [273>223] Same clothes 50lb difference, still another 50 to go so there's more to come!
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The journey to weight loss can be a long and challenging one. Reddit user nrod12 shares their progress in losing 50lbs and how they plan to continue their journey. With 191 upvotes and numerous comments of support, nrod12's journey inspires many others to take on their own.

Diet Changes

Nrod12 attributes their weight loss success to a major change in their diet. They consumed fewer calories and added more fruits, vegetables, and protein to their meals. By tracking their calorie intake, nrod12 was able to make more informed food choices, which ultimately helped them lose weight.

Exercise Routine

In addition to diet changes, nrod12 also increased their exercise routine. They engaged in activities that they enjoyed, such as running and cycling, and aimed to exercise at least 5 times a week. This helped nrod12 burn more calories and build muscle, which in turn sped up their weight loss.

The Science Behind It

Nrod12's success can be attributed to the science behind weight loss. By consuming fewer calories than their body uses, they created a calorie deficit, which is necessary for weight loss. By adding exercise, they increased their energy expenditure, leading to even more weight loss. Additionally, by consuming more fruits, vegetables, and protein, nrod12 was able to stay full longer and avoid binge eating.


Nrod12's journey proves that with the right diet changes, exercise routine, and mindset, weight loss is achievable. It's important to remember that everyone's journey is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, by making small changes to a daily routine and staying consistent, anyone can start on their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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