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Younggainz: a Journey Towards Fitness

Follow younggainz journey in fitness and weigh loss. Learn valuable insights on proper diet and exercise routine.

Article by Madeleine Smith

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Many struggle with weight loss and achieving a healthy lifestyle. A reddit user, younggainz, shares his experience with the community, documenting his journey towards fitness. With valuable feedback from fellow redditors, he gains insights on proper diet and exercise routine.

The Struggle

Younggainz's initial post is filled with uncertainty, unsure whether he was just skinny or skinny-fat. With an open mind, he shared a photo with fellow members who encouraged him to focus more on performance-related goals such as lifting and playing sports.

Expert Advice

The community's response to younggainz's post was enthusiastic, with members giving him sound advice. They recommend a slow bulk, eating quality food (meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts), and focusing his training towards performance-related goals, particularly wrestling for younggainz.

Determination and Focus

With the valuable insights gained from the community, younggainz embarked on his journey to fitness, following the PHUL regimen. His diet also improved, and his training is aligned now, particularly with his sport. With determination and focus, he pushed himself to keep improving.


Younggainz's journey in fitness is ongoing, but with his determination and focus on proper diet and exercise routine, he is well on his way to achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle. His story is an inspiration to many struggling with weight loss, instilling the importance of seeking support from communities and learning from experts.

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