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F/21’s Weight Loss Journey 44 Lbs in 12 Months [147Lbs > 103Lbs]

One-year weight journey of F/21, who lost 44lbs in 12 months. With scientific evidence references, this article provides tips and motivation for others.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'1" woman showing a fat loss from 147 pounds to 103 pounds. A net loss of 44 pounds.
F/21/5'1 [147lbs > 103lbs = 44lbs] (12 months) Every time my phone shows me one-year-old memories I am reminded how far I’ve come! This before and after is my most impressive yet.
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We all know how tough losing weight can be for some people, but for F/21, the weight-loss journey was not an easy ride. The journey from 147lbs to 103lbs was a tough one but a year later, F/21 can look back and be proud of the success story.

Weight-Loss Success

Not only did F/21 shed 44 pounds, but there was super improvement in her appearance as well. F/21 attracted over 3.9k upvotes with encouraging comments from Reddit users. The weight-loss success was not only inspirational but also motivated others. Initial responses indicate that people found the progress to be outstanding and encouraging.

Transformation Routine

F/21 upholds the significance of fitness and controlled diet on her journey to losing weight. She started working out every day for at least one hour and gradually reduced to four or five times a week. She did HIIT and other cardio exercises. Instead of eating three meals a day, she adopted Intermittent Fasting and paid close attention to calorie intake.

Persistence and Hard Work

The one-year journey involved hard work, dedication, and persistence, and you can see that in the before-and-after images of F/21. She largely attributed her success to a combination of hard work, intermittent fasting, and control over calorie intake. F/21 also reduced her alcohol consumption.


The weight-loss journey of F/21 shows that with discipline, hard work, and persistence, it is achievable. F/21's achievement was a wonderful transformational journey and has inspired many people to follow her example. If you are looking to lose weight, remember that there is no shortcut. Commit to healthy living, discipline yourself, and watch the transformation happen.

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