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M/18/5'11" Gains 9Lbs in 2.5 Months: a Journey to Self Confidence

A Reddit user named ZackJeannotte shares his weight journey, gaining 9lbs in just 2.5 months. ZackJeannotte's inspiring story proves that progress takes time.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight gain from 158 pounds to 167 pounds. A respectable gain of 9 pounds.
M/18/5’11” [158>167=9lbs] (2.5 months) Always had a sense of humour about how skinny I was(hence the the first photo). Just wanted to get to the point where I wasn’t insecure to take my shirt off around others.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


ZackJeannotte's journey is an amazing example of how to remain positive and persevere through your workouts. Gaining weight, especially muscle, is a tough journey. It is easy to get discouraged when changes are slow, and the weight seems impossible to gain. But ZackJeannotte's story shows that even with a great attitude and small progress, massive strides can be achieved.

A Sense of Humour About Body Image

ZackJeannotte has always had a sense of humour about how skinny he was. He shares this in his post on Reddit, showing a photo of himself flexing and purposely trying to look skinnier in the left photo. This is a positive outlook and something we could all learn from. It can be easy to pick apart our bodies, but we should embrace them for what they can become.

The Journey to Self-Confidence

ZackJeannotte's transformation is awe-inspiring. In his post, he explains that the goal was merely to get to a point where he was no longer insecure to take his shirt off around other people. In just 2.5 months, he gained nine pounds of muscle, which is not a trivial feat. He even remarked how he could see a significant difference in the photos, indicating his progress has already been well received by his community.

Positive Reinforcement

It's remarkable to see the supportive comments from other Reddit users. These people genuinely believe in ZackJeannotte's journey and how he was able to transform his body in such a short amount of time with just the right attitude. These comments provide a significant amount of positive reinforcement that helps maintain morale when the journey is tough.


ZackJeannotte's journey reminds us that progress takes time. Taking a cue from his sense of humour and positive attitude can pave the way for an exciting and successful weight-training journey. The comments from other Reddit users show the amount of validation and the opening of a new future filled with self-assurance and better self-confidence that he has possibly gained. That being said, his journey is unique, and everyone can only create their individual path. This serves as an encouragement and as an example to other people to try things out for themselves instead of relying on mere inspirations alone.

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