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A Supermom's 25Lbs Weight Loss Journey After Her Third Baby

Follow the journey of xshinystickerx as she sheds off 25lbs in 10 months after having her third baby.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 4'11" female showing a weight reduction from 138 pounds to 113 pounds. A net loss of 25 pounds.
F/28/4’11” [138 lbs > 113lbs = 25lbs] 10 months since I’ve had my third baby. Feeing good
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Losing weight after pregnancy is challenging, but imagine doing it for the third time, while tending to two other kids. That's the feat that xshinystickerx accomplished, shedding 25lbs in just 10 months after giving birth to her third child.

The Challenges

xshinystickerx admitted to having difficulty losing weight while breastfeeding, so she focused on eating healthy instead of weight loss for a while. She also urged fellow moms to take their time and find what activity they love rather than pressuring themselves to lose weight.

The Progress

From 138lbs, xshinystickerx lost weight and went down to a stunning 113lbs. She captured her journey through two side-by-side pictures and received praises and admiration for her dedication.

The Inspiration

While xshinystickerx's journey may seem extraordinary, it serves as inspiration for all moms out there who are struggling to lose weight. She showed that with patience, perseverance, and finding the perfect activity, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are achievable, even with three kids.


xshinystickerx's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for all moms struggling to lose weight after pregnancy. Her success shows that with commitment, patience, and finding the perfect activity, shedding off excess pounds and living a healthy life is attainable. So, for all moms out there, don't give up, keep pushing, and find what works for you.

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