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A Father's Journey to Stay Fit: One Man's 33 Lb Weight Loss

Follow the journey of a man who lost 33 lbs to stay in shape for his kids.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 6'0" man showing a fat loss from 225 pounds to 192 pounds. A total loss of 33 pounds.
M/28/6’0 [225 > 192 = 33 lbs ] Trying to stay in shape for my kids.
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For many people, losing weight can be a challenging and daunting task. But for one Reddit user, staying in shape is more than just a personal goal, it's a responsibility to his children. [deleted], a 28-year-old father of two, shared his weight loss journey on Reddit, chronicling his progress over the past few months.

From 225 to 192

At the start of his journey, [deleted] weighed in at 225 lbs. With a height of 6'0, he realized that he was carrying more weight than he wanted to, and decided to make some changes. Over several months, he incorporated healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise and a balanced diet. By the end of his journey, he was down to 192 lbs, a total of 33 lbs lost.

Motivation from Fatherhood

For [deleted], the motivation to lose weight came from his desire to live a long and healthy life with his two children. Seeing them grow up and achieve milestones inspired him to make changes in his life that would allow him to stay active and engaged.

The Importance of Discipline

Throughout his journey, [deleted] emphasized the importance of discipline and consistency. He stuck to a regular exercise routine, even on days when he didn't feel like it. He also made mindful choices about what he ate, incorporating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding unhealthy snacks and drinks.


The journey to weight loss can be challenging, but [deleted]'s story shows that it is possible with the right mindset, motivation, and habits. Whether it's for personal health or to be there for loved ones, starting a weight loss journey is a step towards a better, healthier life.

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