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Bulking Journey of a 21 Year Old 6'3'' Male Weighing 186Lbs

Follow the weight journey of a young adult through their Reddit posts as they undergo a bulking journey

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'3" male showing a snapshot of 186 pounds at a height of 6'3
Introduction: Bulking/Male/21/6'3"/186lbs
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This is the weight journey of a 21-year-old male, who is 6'3'' tall and weighed 186lbs at the start of their journey. Through their Reddit posts, we can follow their experience of bulking to gain muscle mass.

Setting the Goal

From the Reddit post, the user communicated that they were trying to reach a weight of 200-210lbs. This indicates that the user is aiming to gain muscle mass which is supported by their progress updates, focusing on muscle growth and strength gains.

Obstacles and Struggles

The user shared that they struggled to eat enough to meet their calorie goals. The struggles included feeling too full and having difficulty fitting all their meals into their schedule. However, the user remained realistic, understanding that progress would be slow and gradual.

Progress Updates

Throughout their journey, the user shared progress updates with their Reddit community. They recorded regular weigh-ins and progress photos to track their progress. The updates showed steady progress in their weight gain and strength gains, indicating that the user's dedication to their nutrition and training was paying off.


Through their dedication to their nutrition and training, the user was able to make steady progress towards their goal. Their struggles were met with a realistic mindset that allowed them to push on despite slow progress. Their updates showed that a commitment to a well-planned nutrition and workout plan can help achieve desired results. Use this as motivation to start your journey, and focus on making progress one day at a time.

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