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M/20/5'11'' 65 Lbs Weight Loss in 8 Months: a Breakup Turned into a Firefighting Career & Military Recruitment

Read about how one man's breakup turned into a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. With his sights on progress, he shed 65lbs in just 8 months.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight reduction from 310 pounds to 245 pounds. A net loss of 65 pounds.
M/20/5'11 [310-245=65] (8 Months)
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


At just 20 years old, a breakup pushed Reddit user, matt_not_nathanson, towards his weight loss journey. The first few pounds came off easily, but when he found himself in a better mental state, the journey became tougher. Nevertheless, he kept his goals in mind and even became a firefighter amid his fitness journey.

The Weigh-In

After shedding 65 pounds, matt_not_nathanson went from 310 lbs to 245 lbs in a span of 8 months. His weekly weight loss averaged around 1.86 pounds per week. Furthermore, his BMI dropped to 34.2 which is a healthier weight.

The Journey

The first few weeks were the easiest for matt_not_nathanson. He found inspiration in other people's transformation journeys until he himself saw progress. However, when he climbed out of his depression and found himself in a better mental state, the journey became harder. He persisted nonetheless and even entered into a firefighting career, followed by discussions with military recruiters.

The Importance of Motivation

Matt_not_nathanson attributes the success of his journey to the people who cheered him on, including those who shared their own transformation journeys. He also learned to take small steps and focus on his goals instead of measuring success in large and sudden losses. His journey teaches us about the importance of motivation and persistence.


Weight loss journeys are not always easy, but with focus, motivation, and a healthy mindset, it is possible to make progress. Matt_not_nathanson's journey from a breakup to a firefighting career and military recruitment is a testament to that. If you are thinking of pursuing a healthier lifestyle, take inspiration from stories like his and try things out for yourself!

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