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20 Year Old Woman Loses 27 Pounds in 5 Months with Healthy Habits

Reddit user danamir shares her inspiring weight loss journey with healthy habits which resulted in a big change in body mass and appearance.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'8" female showing a weight loss from 170 pounds to 143 pounds. A total loss of 27 pounds.
20/F/5'8" - Lost 27 pounds in the past 5 months, 170 -> 143! (Pics are NSFW)
Originally posted on /r/loseit


Dana, a Reddit user, recently shared her weight loss journey with successful outcomes. Her healthy habits and hard work led her to lose 27 pounds in just 5 months. Her body transformation and inspiring story motivate people who want to live healthily and achieve weight loss goals.


Dana's journey started with calorie counting, which is scientifically proven to be effective in reaching weight loss goals. She used the MyFitnessPal app to track her food intake and calorie count. She also increased her daily physical activity which included running and strength training. She targeted all major muscle groups for toning while rebuilding her fitness levels.

Results and Achievements

Dana lost 27 pounds in just 5 months and went from 170 pounds to 143 pounds. The transformation of body mass and appearance was significant, and it motivated her to try on clothes that she never thought she could wear. She was also overjoyed when she received compliments and comments from Reddit users. Dana's remarkable achievement proves that with discipline and persistence, weight loss is achievable.

Challenges and Adversities

Dana faced some obstacles and temptations, especially when it came to snacking. She also found it challenging to adjust to a healthy diet when she was on holiday or when she went out with friends. However, she overcame these hurdles by counting calories, indulging in moderation, and halving her portion sizes.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Dana's journey is an inspiration to anyone who wants to lose weight while gaining a healthy lifestyle. Her success boils down to discipline, persistence, and consistency. So, whether you’re new to working out or trying to overcome a weight loss plateau, it's crucial to remember that losing weight and gaining health the healthy way takes time, effort, and commitment. By focusing on healthy habits, anyone can achieve healthy weight loss goals and live life to the fullest.

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