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52 Year Old Woman Loses 65 Pounds in Just 10 Months with Fitbit

A 52-year-old woman's weight loss journey inspires many on Reddit. She credits her Fitbit and the 'burn more than eat' approach for her success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'6" woman showing a fat loss from 275 pounds to 210 pounds. A total loss of 65 pounds.
F/52/5'6[275>210=65 December to October. Face shot More than half way to my goal.
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Fitbit plus 'burn more than eat' approach equals success

A Reddit user, oldwoman1960, inspired others with her weight loss journey in which she lost 65 pounds in just 10 months. She shares that she used a Fitbit and set it to 'kinda hard,' which asked her to burn 500 calories more than she ate. After setting it on 1,000 calories, Oldwoman1960 saw more positive results.

Making better food choices

Oldwoman1960 admits that she has the palate of an 8-year-old and would choose a corn dog over something healthy. However, with her Fitbit, she was able to make better food choices while still enjoying the occasional chocolate. Knowing that she had to walk off the calories helped her stay accountable for her choices.

Black and white data for weight loss

Oldwoman1960 credits her successful weight loss journey to the data her Fitbit provided her. She shares that the 'calories in VS calories burned' is so black and white that even on bad days, she knew that her efforts were working. She hopes to reach her weight loss goals by next fall and is excited about flying for the first time next December without worrying if the seat belt will fit around her.

Inspiring others

Oldwoman1960's journey gained attention on Reddit, and many people have left inspirational comments on her post. Some commenters thanked her for inspiring them, while others shared stories of their own weight loss journeys. Oldwoman1960's journey shows that with determination and the right tools, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.

Fitbit as a tool for weight loss

Oldwoman1960's weight loss success shows that a simple tool like a Fitbit could be an excellent way to lose weight. The device allows users to track their steps, calories burned, and set goals for themselves. Oldwoman1960's approach of burning more calories than she ate is an age-old method, but using a Fitbit made it easier for her to track her progress and stay motivated. Anyone looking to lose weight should try this approach and see how it works for them.

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