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48 Pounds Lost in 8 Weeks Post Surgery: a Weight Journey on Reddit

A Reddit user bravely shares her weight journey and the effects of gastric sleeve surgery in just 8 weeks.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'10" woman showing a weight cut from 329 pounds to 281 pounds. A net loss of 48 pounds.
21/F/5'10" [329>281=48] (8 weeks) 1.5 Weeks Post-Op Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


A Reddit user shares a weight loss journey on the forum, detailing her weight progress and experiences with gastric sleeve surgery.

The weight loss journey

The user reveals that she has lost 48 pounds in 8 weeks post-op since having gastric sleeve surgery, a procedure that limits the amount of food an individual can eat. The user has been carefully following the prescribed diet and exercise regimen after the surgery.

The effects of surgery

The user shares that despite the surgery being a great help in her weight journey, it has come with its own set of challenges, including nausea and a significant decrease in appetite. She also shares that while the procedure is effective, it is not a quick fix solution for weight loss.

The importance of a support system

Throughout the user's journey, she emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system, whether it be from friends, family or online communities such as Reddit. The user shares that having people who are going through similar experiences to her is a vital motivator in her journey to weight loss.


The Reddit user's weight journey serves as an inspiration to anyone trying to lose weight. Her journey proves that weight loss is a journey that takes time and patience. Furthermore, the user serves as an example of how having a strong support system can heavily impact the success of weight loss endeavors, whether it be through friends, family or online communities.

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