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F/29's Inspiring Weight Loss Journey with a Tummy Tuck After Losing 100Lbs

Learn how Reddit user MadhuvanRiver changed her life with a tummy tuck after losing 100lbs. Discover her recovery, cost, and results.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'6" female showing a weight reduction from 175 pounds to 100 pounds. A net loss of 75 pounds.
F/29/5'6"[175>170=5lbs]3 months post op tummy tuck after losing 100lbs.
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Losing weight is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of courage, motivation, and hard work to achieve such a challenging goal, especially when you have excess skin or body image issues. However, Reddit user MadhuvanRiver, a 29-year-old female, proves that persistence and resilience pay off. After losing 100 pounds, she underwent a tummy tuck surgery to remove seven pounds of excess skin in her belly area. Her transformation is inspiring, and you can learn a lot from her journey.

Recovering from Tummy Tuck Surgery

MadhuvanRiver's tummy tuck recovery went well, and she experienced only a mild amount of pain. She used ice packs and took Tylenol to manage the discomfort. Though she had muscle repair, she was still able to do some light walking within a few days, and back to work after a month. After two months, MadhuvanRiver was cleared to go back to the gym, and she slowly incorporated running and working out into her routine.

Cost and Results of Tummy Tuck Surgery

MadhuvanRiver got an extended tummy tuck, a breast lift, and some liposuction on her bra line, which cost her $25,000. She paid for some with her savings and got an $8,000 loan. If you're considering tummy tuck surgery, it's essential to consult with multiple surgeons to find the one best for your needs. MadhuvanRiver loves the life-changing result of her procedure and is still healing, with some numbness on her scarline.

On Losing More Weight after Tummy Tuck Surgery

MadhuvanRiver is still aiming to lose more weight and said her surgeon has no issues with that. After the tummy tuck surgery, some people may experience restrictions on the amount of weight they can lose or gain, but the best way to go about it is to communicate your goals with your surgeon, who will guide you and help you make suitable adjustments.

Advice for Those Considering Tummy Tuck Surgery

MadhuvanRiver recommends going for it if someone is considering a tummy tuck. She suggests researching and meeting with multiple surgeons to find the right one, and being patient during the recovery process. Before resorting to surgery, it's vital to consult with a general doctor to see if the insurance covers the surgery or related issues, such as hernia and rashes. While the recovery may take time, the results will be worth it for a more comfortable and confident new you.

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