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From 120Lbs to 200Lbs: One Man's 4 Year Weight Journey

Follow the weight journey of a Reddit user who went from 120lbs to 200lbs in 4 years with hard work and dedication.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'0" male showing a weight bulk from 120 pounds to 200 pounds. A total gain of 80 pounds.
M/18/6'0" [120lbs-200lbs] (4 years)
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


For many people, gaining weight can be just as challenging as losing it. But for one Reddit user, the journey to a healthier body was worth the effort. In just four years, this user went from weighing 120lbs to 200lbs by taking control of their diet and exercise routine.

The Start of the Journey

At 18 years old and 6'0" tall, this Reddit user was significantly underweight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of just 16.3. They decided to make a change and began eating more calories than they burned, focusing on healthy proteins and whole foods. To build muscle mass, they also started weight training at the gym.

The Challenges Along the Way

Despite their newfound dedication, the Reddit user faced a number of challenges. It wasn't always easy to stick to a healthy diet, and there were days when they felt discouraged or unmotivated. However, by setting small goals and celebrating each milestone, they were able to stay on track and keep pushing towards success.

The Results

After four years of hard work and dedication, the Reddit user's efforts paid off. They went from being underweight with a BMI of 16.3 to having a healthy BMI of 27.2. They gained muscle mass and improved their overall health, feeling more energetic and confident along the way.


Gaining weight and building muscle takes time, effort, and dedication, but as this Reddit user's story shows, it is possible. By focusing on a healthy diet and exercise routine, and staying motivated with small goals and milestones, anyone can achieve their weight and fitness goals.

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