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Mum's 9 Month Journey to Lose 25 Lbs Post Partum

A Reddit user shares their progress in losing 25 lbs of post-baby weight in 9 months. She inspires other mums to be healthy and feel great

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'7" female showing a weight reduction from 225 pounds to 200 pounds. A total loss of 25 pounds.
F/33/5’7” [225>200 =25lbs] (9 months) I’ve struggled to get the baby weight off but I’m starting to make some progress…about 60 to go. First picture is about 1 month post-partum with baby #2
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One of the most challenging things for new mums is to lose baby weight. This Reddit post by mnpharmer is inspiring for mothers who want to get back to their pre-baby body. She shares her photo and proudly tells the Reddit community about her journey to losing 25 lbs after nine months since her second child's birth.

Remarkable Progress

Despite struggling to shed the excess pounds, mnpharmer has finally made some progress as evidenced by her photos. Her determination and dedication to being fit and healthy are visible, and her journey is admirable to many health enthusiasts.

Encouraging Words

The comments on mnpharmer's Reddit post are full of praise and encouragement for her remarkable progress. Many people have shared their own struggles with baby weight loss and have found hope and inspiration from her journey.

Small Changes Matter

Mnpharmer's journey proves that small changes matter. She has made gradual adjustments to her diet and exercise. It is a reminder that being healthy is not about sudden changes but rather the consistent effort to make healthier choices every day.

Be Your Own Inspiration

Mnpharmer's progress shows how focusing on one's health and well-being can lead to significant changes. Her journey should serve as an inspiration for anyone struggling with a similar challenge. She reminds everyone that whatever struggles you face, you too can overcome them and reach your goals.

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