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My 17Lb Weight Loss Journey in 3 Months After Giving up Alcohol

Read how D543421d lost 17lbs in 3 months by quitting alcohol. Their weight loss journey might inspire you to try something new.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'9" male showing a weight reduction from 200 pounds to 183 pounds. A net loss of 17 pounds.
M/52/5’9” [200lbs>183lbs=17lbs] weight loss progression 3 months I stopped drinking
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D543421d, a Reddit user, successfully achieved a 17-pound weight loss in just 3 months after quitting alcohol. This feat has inspired many people who strive for a healthier lifestyle. If you are struggling to lose weight, this story might be what you need to read to find some motivation.

Quitting alcohol leads to a significant weight loss

For years, D543421d lived a party lifestyle, but eventually realized it was not doing any good to their body. After quitting alcohol, they witnessed a significant weight loss of 17 pounds in just three months. Alcohol is a significant source of empty calories, which adds to the fat of the body. When you reduce calorie intake, you lose weight naturally.

Consistency is the key

The key to D543421d's success was the consistency they maintained throughout their journey. Drinking alcohol was a routine in their life, but they changed it to maintain their weight loss journey. Consistency is the key to achieving long-term weight loss goals.

Lifestyle change helps to achieve weight loss success

D543421d also made significant changes in their lifestyle such as going for daily walks, drinking lots of water, and avoiding processed foods. These small changes contributed significantly to their weight loss. Some people think that cutting back on calories alone will lead to weight loss, but incorporating lifestyle changes help to achieve greater success.


If you're struggling to lose weight, consider making some changes in your diet, lifestyle and avoid empty calories such as alcohol. D543421d's weight loss journey should inspire you to take a step towards a healthier future. Remember, consistency and small changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in achieving your weight loss goals.

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