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F/21's Weight Loss Journey: From 260 to 166 Lbs in 18 Months

Read about Tchaikovskybbgrl's weight loss journey from her Reddit post. Learn about her experience losing 94 pounds and her motivation to lose the final 16 pounds!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'7" woman showing a fat loss from 260 pounds to 166 pounds. A total loss of 94 pounds.
F/21/5’7 [260>166=94lbs] (18 months) only 16 lbs left!! It’s always that last bit that takes the longest, but I’m doing it!!!
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Tchaikovskybbgrl, a Reddit user, shared her 21-year-old weight loss journey on the platform. Despite a difficult journey, she managed to lose 94 pounds in 18 months, from 260 to 166 lbs. The post has gained a lot of attention for her inspirational story.

The Last 16 Pounds

Tchaikovskybbgrl mentions that the last 16 pounds have been the hardest to lose. However, this has not stopped her from continuing to pursue her goals. She admits that the weight loss journey is never easy, but it is also never impossible. Her statement inspires people to keep going, even if it feels like the last bit will take forever.

The Importance of Support

Tchaikovskybbgrl credits much of her weight loss success to the people around her. Having a supportive network of friends and family has helped keep her motivated throughout the process. Additionally, she mentions that visiting a doctor or nutritionist can provide useful guidance and contribute to success.

Importance of Small Changes

Tchaikovskybbgrl stresses the importance of making small and sustainable changes to one's lifestyle. In her case, instead of completely cutting out her favorite foods, she focused on moderation and portion control. She also emphasizes the significance of taking it one day at a time rather than only focusing on the end result.


Tchaikovskybbgrl's weight loss journey is an inspiring reminder that change is possible with hard work and dedication. While the road to weight loss is often long and difficult, making small and sustainable changes can make a significant impact. Tchaikovskybbgrl's last 16 pounds may be a challenge, but her commitment to her goals is proof that anything is achievable with the right mindset and support.

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