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Female, 28, Loses 52 Pounds in 7 Months: 'I'm Feeling so Much Better Physically and Mentally'

This person has lost 52lbs in 7 months and is feeling better physically and mentally.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'5" female showing a weight loss from 296 pounds to 244 pounds. A respectable loss of 52 pounds.
F/28/5'5" [296>244=52 lbs] (7 months) I'm too embarrassed to post to Instagram but I wanted to share my progress 😭 I'm feeling so much better physically and mentally
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The person in this picture is a 28-year-old female who is 5'5 tall. She has lost 52 pounds over the course of 7 months, and her current weight is 244 pounds. This person is feeling much better physically and mentally as a result of their weight loss.

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