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16Kg Weight Loss in 4 Months: a Journey of Realization

Follow this reddit user's weight loss journey from 115kg to 99kg in just 4 months and discover how amazing results can come from simple changes.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'9" female showing a fat loss from 253 pounds to 217 pounds. A total loss of 36 pounds.
A picture of a 5'9" female showing a fat loss from 253 pounds to 217 pounds. A total loss of 36 pounds.
F/22/5'9" [115kg > 99kg = 16kg] (4 months). I didn't realise how much of a moon face I had until I went through old photos.
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The realization of a 'moon face'

The reddit user reveals that a major part of their inspiration for weight loss came from discovering their 'moon face' in old photos. This realization served as a powerful motivator and pushed them to make simple changes in their lifestyle.

Consistency is key

Despite not following any strict diet or exercise plan, the user was able to achieve remarkable results by being consistent in their efforts. They made small changes such as eating smaller portions and incorporating more physical activity into their daily routine. These small steps eventually led to a total weight loss of 16kg in just 4 months.

The importance of measuring progress

Throughout their journey, the reddit user measured their progress by weighing themselves regularly and taking progress pictures. This not only helped them track their success but also served as a great motivator. Seeing their progress over time helped them stay on track and remain consistent in their efforts.

Celebrating the small victories

While focusing on the end goal is important, celebrating the small victories along the way is equally crucial. The user was able to keep themselves motivated by celebrating their weight loss milestones, such as losing their first 5kg, and rewarding themselves with non-food treats.

Conclusion: Try it out for yourself

The journey of this reddit user emphasizes that simple changes in lifestyle can have remarkable results. Consistency, patience, and self-motivation are key factors in achieving success. So, take inspiration from this journey and try it out for yourself to see what works best for you.

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