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From 255Lbs to 215Lbs: a 9 Month Weight Loss Journey Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Discover the story of user jorgeuhs' journey from 255lbs to 215lbs using keto and intermittent fasting without calorie counting in this article.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a fat loss from 255 pounds to 215 pounds. A respectable loss of 40 pounds.
M/32/5'11" [255lbs > 215lbs = 40lbs] (9 Months) Same amount of happiness on a 15% smaller body!
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User jorgeuhs has undergone an impressive 9-month weight loss journey resulting in a 40lbs drop from their initial 255lbs weight. By using a combination of a keto diet and intermittent fasting, he has managed to achieve his goal without counting calories.

Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Jorgeuhs has followed a clean keto diet, where he consumes unsweetened macadamia milk, monk fruit, and vegetables. He also incorporates intermittent fasting, where he has an eating window of 8 hours and a fasting window of 16 hours to both burn fat and manage hunger levels. These methods have helped him avoid calorie counting while still ensuring he's eating well.

Weight Training and Results

Jorgeuhs has also integrated weight training into his weight loss routine, focusing on four workouts a week. This regime has helped him build muscle mass and improve his overall appearance. He has also reported significant health improvements, including reduced bloating and pain in his knees and lower back, making him feel younger and healthier.

Dealing with Hunger

Jorgeuhs has acknowledged that hunger can become an issue, especially when trying to maintain a keto diet. To cope, he drinks plenty of water, ginger tea, and consumes food rich in vitamins and minerals to keep him satiated. He also listens to his body's hunger signals and never allows himself to be deprived.


Jorgeuhs' journey shows the notable changes one can make using a combination of a healthy diet, intermittent fasting, and regular exercise without counting calories. While results may vary, this approach can help others kick-start their own weight loss journey. Remember, there's no magic pill to achieve weight loss, but dedication and hard work are essential.

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