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Encouraging Weight Loss Story of F/23: 231Lbs to 209Lbs

This weight loss journey of a reddit user gradually highlights the positive changes in their body over a span of 14 months. Get inspired!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'6" female showing a weight loss from 231 pounds to 209 pounds. A respectable loss of 22 pounds.
F/23/5’6” [231lbs > 209lbs] Left is July 2020 right is September 2021 i didn’t start weighing until May 2021. Not super dramatic, but encouraging!
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Weight loss journeys can be a challenge for individuals, but when shared with others, they can truly inspire and encourage individuals to start or continue their weight loss journey. This journey of a F/23 reddit user, named 'Waste-Distribution95', is one such inspiring story.

The Journey

The user began their weight loss journey in July 2020, weighing 231lbs, and didn't start weighing themselves until May 2021, when they weighed 209lbs. This implies that the transformation journey took 10 months, and the user successfully lost 22lbs in that duration. The difference in the two pictures shared by the user in their Reddit post clearly shows a remarkable difference in their waistline.

The Journey's Progression

This weight loss journey may not seem like a 'super dramatic' transformation, as mentioned by the user. However, it is essential to note that every little step in this journey counts as a big win to keep the user motivated. The encouraging comments by fellow redditors have further reinforced the sense of accomplishment and motivated the user to continue towards their goal weight.

Encourage Yourself!

This story reminds us of how every weight loss journey is unique to every individual, and your progress may seem slow or unnoticeable at first, but seeing even the slightest changes in your body can be encouraging. Losing weight healthily and gradually is more sustainable than a rapid transformation, and following a healthy and balanced lifestyle can help you achieve your fitness goals. Get inspired by fellow weight loss stories but explore the best technique that works for you, and commence your journey towards a healthier lifestyle!


Waste-Distribution95's progress is commendable, and we hope their story inspires more people to embark on their weight loss journey with patience, persistence, and resilience. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small, as every little step contributes to your overall transformation journey's success. Remember, slow and steady progress is key to maintaining long term health and fitness.

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