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6 Year Weight Loss Journey: F/25/5'2 Goes From 200Lbs to 137Lbs

Read about a Reddit user's 6-year weight loss journey where she loses 63lbs. Discover how she transformed from the fat kid to a healthier version of herself.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'2" female showing a weight loss from 200 pounds to 137 pounds. A total loss of 63 pounds.
F/25/5'2 [200lbs > 137lbs = 63lbs] (6 years) Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come from being the fat kid.
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Losing weight is a journey that requires time, patience, and strong will. For some, it may take years to achieve their desired weight. A Reddit user, F/25/5'2, proves that weight loss is possible by sharing her story on the platform.

From 200lbs to 137lbs

The Reddit user started her weight loss journey at 200lbs, and after six years, she reached her current weight of 137lbs. Her transformation took consistency, as she followed a balanced diet and incorporated exercise into her daily routine.

The Struggles of a Weight Loss Journey

Throughout the user's journey, there were challenges, including plateaus, temptation to quit, and negative self-talk. However, she overcame those struggles by reminding herself of her goals and reflecting on how far she had come.

Tips for Losing Weight

The journey to a healthier version of oneself begins with small steps. Adopting healthier eating habits and incorporating physical activity into one's routine can help in achieving weight loss goals. The user emphasized the importance of patience, consistency, and self-care in one's journey toward a healthy lifestyle.


Weight loss is a journey that requires consistent effort, patience, and a strong will. The Reddit user's story highlights that anyone can embark on this journey and achieve their goals. By adopting healthy habits and reminding oneself of the end goal, weight loss is achievable. It's essential to always celebrate progress and focus on a positive mindset during the journey.

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