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A 16 Year Old Male's Weight Loss Journey: Cutting at 6'1" and 64Kg

Read about a young man's weight loss journey as he documents his cutting process on Reddit. Learn about the challenges and successes he shares along the way.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'1" male showing a snapshot of 140 pounds at a height of 6'1
A picture of a 6'1" male showing a snapshot of 140 pounds at a height of 6'1
A picture of a 6'1" male showing a snapshot of 140 pounds at a height of 6'1
Introduction: 16/ Male/ 6'1"/ 64kg/ Cutting
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This Reddit post documents a 16-year-old male's weight loss journey as he goes through a cutting process. The user, graffiti_world, is 6'1" tall and started at a weight of 64kg.


Losing weight is a challenging process and the young user has encountered various obstacles. He mentions experiencing hunger and fatigue during the cutting process, which is common for those who are trying to lose weight. He also mentions difficulty sleeping and feeling more irritable than usual. Despite these difficulties, the user remains determined to accomplish his goals.


Throughout his journey, the user has found success both in his physical appearance and his emotional well-being. He mentions feeling more confident and happy with his progress. The user has also noticed physical changes, particularly in his face and stomach, which he attributes to his efforts in cutting calories and exercising.


This Reddit post serves as a reminder that weight loss journeys are difficult, but with determination and consistency, they can be achieved. The user's challenges and successes highlight the importance of having a positive mindset and being patient with oneself. Additionally, the post provides insight into the importance of nutrition and exercise in achieving one's weight loss goals.

Closing Thoughts

Graffiti_world's Reddit post is inspiring and relatable for anyone who has struggled with losing weight. It serves as a reminder that progress takes time and that small successes lead to long-term results. Whether you are starting your own weight loss journey or looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this post provides valuable insights into the process and the dedication required for success.

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