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17Lbs Weight Loss Journey: a Reddit User's Experience

Follow a Reddit user's journey from 200lbs to 183lbs in just 3 months. Learn about their progress, setbacks, and tips for success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'5" woman showing a fat loss from 200 pounds to 183 pounds. A total loss of 17 pounds.
F/27/5'5" [200lbs > 183lbs = 17lbs] (3 months) - Slight progress!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


One Reddit user has been sharing their weight loss journey, from starting at 200lbs and reaching 183lbs over just three months. This article will provide a summary of their experience, highlighting their progress, setbacks, and tips.

Progress Over Time

The user has lost a total of 17lbs in three months, an impressive feat. They have been tracking their progress through regular weigh-ins and body measurements, which has allowed them to see the changes visually. Although they noted that progress has been slow at times, they are happy with their overall progress.

Setbacks and Challenges

The user has also faced challenges along the way, including dealing with cravings and emotional eating. They have found that staying accountable and tracking their food intake has helped them stay on track when faced with these difficulties. Additionally, they note that setbacks can happen but it's important to keep moving forward and not give up.

Tips for Success

The user has shared several tips that have helped them on their journey, including finding a support system (such as online communities), setting realistic goals, and finding an exercise routine they enjoy. They also remind others that everyone's journey is different and what works for one person may not work for another.


This Reddit user's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to those looking to make lasting changes to their health and wellness. By tracking progress, overcoming challenges, and finding what works for them, they have successfully lost weight and improved their overall well-being. Try out these tips for yourself and see what progress you can make!

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