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An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey: a Reddit User's Story

Read about a reddit user's weight loss journey, complete with ups and downs, and gain insight into how they achieved their goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'0" woman showing a weight cut from 150 pounds to 125 pounds. A total loss of 25 pounds.
F/24/5'0 [150 > 125 = 25lbs lost] (5 months) long time lurker tryna share gains
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Weight loss can be a difficult and long journey, but with determination and the right mindset, it is possible to achieve success. One such success story was shared on Reddit by a user named [deleted], detailing their inspiring weight loss journey. Despite the post being deleted, the story is worth sharing and can provide valuable insight and motivation for others on a weight loss journey.

Struggles and Setbacks

The post shared by [deleted] detailed their struggle with their weight, and how it affected their self-esteem and overall well-being. They shared that they tried different diets and exercise routines over the years, but nothing seemed to work for them. They shared their frustration with the slow progress and setbacks they faced along the way, including gaining back weight that they had previously lost.

Commitment to Change

Despite the challenges, [deleted] never lost sight of their goals and remained committed to making a change. They made small, sustainable changes to their lifestyle over time, including cutting out sugary drinks and incorporating more whole foods into their diet. They also found a form of exercise that they enjoyed, which made it easier to stick to it consistently. This dedication to making positive changes eventually paid off, as they began to see progress.

Progress and Success

Over time, [deleted] lost a significant amount of weight and shared that their quality of life had greatly improved. They found more confidence in themselves and their abilities, and their overall health was better. They shared that they still had moments of struggling to stay on track, but found support and motivation from friends and family, as well as from online communities such as Reddit.

Inspiration for Others

While [deleted] may have deleted their post, their inspiring weight loss journey is one that can motivate and inspire others on their own journeys. Their dedication and commitment to making small, sustainable changes over time is a testament to the power of consistency and persistence in achieving goals. By finding what works best for their own body and lifestyle, they were able to successfully lose weight and improve their quality of life. Their story serves as a reminder that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals with the right mindset and approach.

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