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Male in His 30s Sees Amazing Transformation After Finally Committing to Weight Loss Journey

This is a progress pic of a male who has lost 48lbs over 16months, going from 218lbs to 170lbs. He has also gained face gains during this time.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'6" male showing a weight loss from 218 pounds to 170 pounds. A net loss of 48 pounds.
M/39/5’6” [218lbs > 170lbs = 48lbs] (16months) Face gains. Lost weight pre-Covid then gained it back during Covid. Last summer I decided to not fall off the wagon. Still haven’t!!! This is the longest I’ve ever remained consistent. All of your guys’ stories/pics inspire me and still do. Thank you!
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This person has lost 48lbs over 16 months, and has shared their progress to inspire others. They explain that they regained some weight during the Covid pandemic, but remained determined to lose it again.

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