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85Lbs Down: F/23/5'6 Proves Weight Loss Is Possible with Hard Work!

This progress pic from a third party perspective is from a female who is 5'6 and originally weighed 240lbs. She is now 155lbs, which means she has lost 85lbs. The title on reddit says that the last 35lbs are kicking her butt, but she is closer than ever.

A photo of a 5'6" woman showing a weight cut from 240 pounds to 155 pounds. A net loss of 85 pounds.

This person has lost 85lbs and is now 155lbs. They are a female of height 5'6. They are struggling to lose the last 35lbs.

F/23/5'6" [240lbs > 155lbs = 85lbs] The last 35 lbs are kicking my butt, but Iā€™m closer than ever
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